Sunday, 19 October 2008

new pen and cartoon (2)

I bought a new pen on Thursday. A brand new medium non-permanent green Stabilo marker to replace the old one. With five great british pounds in my pocket I went down the road to to Stationary World to buy the pen. There was a moment of panic when all of the pens they seemed to have were Staedtler. There was a brief moment of weakness where I contemplated a medium non-permenant Staedtler marker but then I thought no. No.

Fortunately after scanning the pens for a few more seconds I spotted a box on the floor filled with a variety of dusty Stabilo markers. They cost £1.75 each so I bought a green one and a red one. I am not sure yet what I will use the red one for but it looked suitable for making some nice big ticks or crosses on a variety of things.

The route sheet is now nine deep green boxes closer to completion. Sixty to go.

Now, to make this post a little less pointless then it already is, here's a cartoon...

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