Monday, 7 February 2011

BBC WebWise - Social Media Basics

Does the world of social media confuse and perplex you? Have no fear! Simply visit the BBC WebWise website and watch these 9 short films in which Jim Hammersmith will explain the basics.

The films were written by me and directed by George Sander-Jackson. They were produced by Arthur Cox and Aardman. Jim Hammersmith is played by Chris Grimes who also did the voice of Little Face in my short film of the same name.

Even if you are not confused and/or perplexed by social media watch the films anyway, you may still enjoy them.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

toronto zoo polar bears

It is a new year and once again I am going to make an effort to keep this blog up to date (a statement I make at least once a year on this blog). It is two months short of a year since my last update so I'm not going to bother going over everything I have been up to in that time except for this ad campaign for Toronto Zoo that I directed in the middle of last year. It was a short and fun job with results that pleased me. Not sure why I never posted it before as it has been online ages now but here it is. They were produced by Arthur Cox and Aardman, I directed and animated all of them except for "Skills" which was animated by Felix Massie.



See My Breath



One thing that was particularly exciting for me about this campaign was that it is the first time that artwork of mine has made its way on to merchandise. If you would like to own this rather nice colouring book or jigsaw puzzle sporting my complex and detailed polar bear artwork you can purchase them from the Toronto Zoo website.