Monday, 22 February 2010

Mother of Many wins BAFTA

Arthur Cox director Emma Lazenby's film Mother of Many won the BAFTA for short animation last night. Congratulations to Emma who fought off a Gruffalo and a Happy Duckling to obtain the prize.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christmas in Wonderland available on iTunes

John and Karen and Operator are available as a very reasonably priced double-bill from iTunes. They've been on there for a while but it only just occurred to me to add a link to my website and blog. I made a nice image for you to click on, to the right of this page, if you wish to make a purchase.

In the 'more by this director' portion of the iTunes page you will see that I also starred alongside the late Patrick Swayze in Christmas in Wonderland. My memory of this is unclear however, it was probably during my post-Little Face dark period.

Monday, 8 February 2010

British Animation Awards Public Choice

Anyone who likes Adam Buxton or animated yellow blobs on legs may be pleased to know that my film Little Face (which features both), that I co-directed with Ben Lole, is being screened tomorrow  night (the 9th February 2010) at the Watershed at 6pm as part of the British Animation Awards: Public Choice 3.

If you go along you will also have the opportunity to vote for your favourite film, which may or may not be Little Face. A list of all venues and dates for the BAA: Public Choice screenings can be found here.

I perhaps should have blogged this sooner to give people more time to change the plans they have already made for tomorrow night but unfortunately I didn't.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

my baa

The awards at the British Animation Awards are all individual pieces of artwork by various artists and animators. This year I was asked to make one so I did a painting that you can see below.

It is currently obscured by the layers of plastic and cardboard that I wrapped it in ready for the journey to London in care of the Royal Mail. I will post a proper picture of the painting when they are all officially unveiled. In the meantime just create a mental picture of it with the help of the following fact: It is mostly blue and depicts ninety sheep.