Thursday, 2 October 2008

little face as of now

This is my workstation at home, I took this photo today. It is situated in the corner of the living room and has been where I have spent most of every day for the last two months. The large, partially green, chart to the right is the route sheet. This represents all the shots I need to animate. When I have animated a shot I colour the corresponding box in green. When the entire chart is green all the animation is complete. This is a very useful chart to have, it helps prevent me sleep at night and gives me high blood pressure.

To the left, above the computer, is the production schedule. This allows me to see how much time is left before the deadline and count the days down accordingly. By cross referencing this with the route sheet I am able to successfully ruin my appetite and weaken my immune system.

You can tell how complicated the film is as I am working on two computers at the same time.


Felix said...

It should probably be noted, to avoid questions later, that when Matthew Walker works he likes to sit on, not a chair, but all his awards. This allows him to quite literally rest on his laurels. When this picture was taken he was changing a lightbulb.

matthew walker said...

When Felix Massie works he enjoys the comfort of his huge stack of festival participation certificates. It grows bigger each week and Felix has to balance his computer on another Yellow Pages every fortnight.