Wednesday, 29 October 2008


A bit late this post but being the last week of animation on Little Face I have been a bit busy.

Anyway, last Friday I unexpectedly found myself flying to Santiago De Compostela in Spain for the awards ceremony of the Curtocircuito short film festival ( They rang me on Thursday morning to tell me that my film John and Karen had won the prize for best animated short and wanted me to come and pick up the award. That evening I was checking in to a hotel in Stansted for an early morning flight.

Once in Santiago De Compostela I discovered that I was sharing the award with Jeremy Clapin for his extremely excellent film Skhizein. I'm not really sure why I was sharing the award since Jeremy's film, being as extremely excellent as it is, should logically have won the award alone. I'm not complaining though.

You can learn more about Skhizein here;

Also, Felix Massie (co-worker and flatmate) received a special mention in the same category for his single-flash-file epic Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight. So that was good. He wasn't there though. But he was in Chicago so I don't think he minded.

You can visit Felix Massie here;

I was only in Spain for one night but it was a good night (not sleep wise however).

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Mort said...

Congratulations on the award!