Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the life and death of salary man snowman (kim)

What follows is a sequence of pictures depicting the snowman I made last week when it snowed. I was on my way to work and found this big almost untouched area of snow. I decided to build the biggest ball I could manage and two hours later the ball had become this snowman. I was quite pleased with him and was hoping to depict his slow liquid demise over the following days. I decided to call him Kim. Sadly he came to a decidedly violent end...

06/01/10 Morning

For scale purposes here is a picture of me standing next to the snowman Kim soon after completion.

06/01/10 Evening
That evening I was pleased to see that the snowman Kim was still intact, although he had gained anatomical accuracy at some point during the day, as well as the words 'save me'.

06/01/10 Evening
Here is a profile shot showing the aforementioned anatomical application. Note the tire mark of a bicycle tread at the base.

07/01/10 Morning
The following morning snowman Kim had lost his gender specification. It is unclear how.

07/01/10 Evening
By the evening snowman Kim was no more.

 07/01/10 Evening
Having surveyed the scene of the crime I pieced together what I believe to have taken place. Having decided to ignore the words 'save me' a group of at least two (two being the minimum required to form a group) people attacked snowman Kim violently from the right hand side (snowman Kim's left) with a succession of kicks and punches (maybe even a drop-kick or two). The head probably went early on and was subsequently stamped to pieces, leaving nothing but an eyebrow and a bit of nose left for identification. Snowman Kim was also whacked with bits of evergreen tree, leaving various remnants of pine needles and trigs lodged in his neck and torso. Having failed to fell the remains of snowman Kim's body the group moved on. Probably to knock down a carefully stacked tower of cards or put cigerettes out on an infants birthday cake.

It is unclear what time snowman Kim was destroyed but he barely lasted past 24 hours, if that.

The good news is my new year resolution is to update this blog more often. It looks nicer now so I can bare to do so.

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