Monday, 25 January 2010

Congratulations to Emma Lazenby for her BAFTA nomination! Her new film Mother of Many has been nominated in the Short Animation category. Well done Emma!

In unrelated news, I hosted a Ghostbusters evening on Saturday night. Both Ghostbusters films, Chinese takeaway (representing the last of the petty cash), marshmallows (pretended they were Stay Puft) and gin (because, you know... it's a spirit). It was the sort of evening I always imagined I would have to enjoy alone until I suggested it. Most exciting of all was that the evening was attended by a BAFTA nominee!

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ElsieDarkwinter said...

It was a most exemplary good evening indeed.
Thanks for congratulations. I was hoping some other nominees would be there, but the BAA nominee (Matthew Walker) made up for it.